Body Gua Sha 101 for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

Body Gua Sha 101 for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide

The Step-by-Step Body Gua Sha introduced in this course is aimed at daily health care and can be performed every day. Persistent Gua Sha can shape the body, recuperate the internal organs, make the body function younger, and even improve emotional problems such as mental anxiety. It is practical and straightforward and can be done anytime, anywhere. Sanus users have healthier bodies; meanwhile, they are getting slender and firmer.

This course is clearly divided into 6 parts, dive into the details, you are able to control the body gua sha technique in minutes:

  • ①What is the Balance--A patented Guasha tool for body massage
  • ②How to use the Balance--2 scraping methods for body gua sha
  • ③Prep Work for body Guasha
  • ④How to located the acupoints correctly--Our fingers are the invisible rulers for measuring the body
  • ⑤Start body Guasha Now--Arms Gua Sha, then belly, legs
  • ⑥To enhance the effect, take this advice--Slap this 5 acupoints


Let’s take actions now!

    1. What’s the Balance Gua Sha Stone?

    A Gua Sha Tool Designed Ergonomically and Functionality for Users

    pencil drawing of product design for balance body gua sha stone, instruction of each edge

    The Balance Gua Sha Tool is beautiful in shape and has comprehensive functions. With appropriate thickness, it is comfortable to hold in hand. Each side is designed to scrape specific areas of the body. The C-Edge is curved exactly fits the curves of the arms and legs. For most people's slightly concave back spine line, we specially designed the L-edge, which can fit the entire spine better. Balance Board stands as a dolphin playing with a ball, with the V-side at the bottom, and the W-side can be aligned perfectly with the natural contours of fingers, back of the hand, edge of feet, etc.


    2. How to Use the Balance Stone?

    This section will introduce two primarily used gua sha techniques involving the Plane Scraping Method and Meridians Dredged Method. Learning the scraping gimmick is the key to ensuring the effect of gua sha treatment and the possibility of comfort.

    • Plane Scraping Method:
    Ensure that the gua sha tool is inclined to form an about 45° angle in the scraping direction. Push the gua sha stone forward stably and uniformly in the same direction. Please DON'T scrape back and forth. Generally speaking, the treatment starts from the top to bottom, inner to outside.
    • Meridians Dredged Method

    Hold the guasha tool and scrape in one direction and straightly along the body's meridians. The force is gentle and even, steady and constant. The scraping length is supposed to be longer, for example, scrap from the knee to the tip of the toe. In this way, the meridians are combed as a whole, relax the muscles, and eliminate fatigue. 


    3. Three Prep Works for Body Gua Sha

    Add the body gua sha treatment to your daily health-care routine, and it might be the ideal way to lead and dredge the Qi and blood of the body and the lymph fluid.

    For convenience concerned, we could executive this tutorial without taking off the clothes, for example, to scrape in the meridians' direction when wearing the yoga dressing; it's also ok when wearing the pyjamas.

    If we want to take some time and enjoy this treatment carefully, it's best to apply some lubricant and follow this tutorial seriously. Here are three prep works listed for you:

    1. Wash the skin to avoid infection, especially after sweating.
    2. Check the environment. Avoid Guasha in a cold room; the body should NOT face the air vent even in summer.
    3. Moisturize the skin. Choose Guasha oil or lotion and apply it evenly on the skin to be scraped to avoid scratch. You can also choose essential oils of Chinese herbal medicines that can drain the meridians, activate blood and remove blood stasis.

    Warm Tips:

    • Please DO NOT drink alcohol or cold beverages, and keep a peaceful mind before Guasha treatment.
    • A glass of warm water is necessary after gua sha treatment;
    • DO NOT take a cold shower immediately after.


    4. How to Located the Acupoints Correctly

    There is a specific measuring technique called" Finger Positioning "in traditional Chinese medicine. The patient's fingers are used to measure and locate their own acupuncture points. For example, the width of your thumb joint is 1 inch to your body.

    measuring method in tcm, the finger positioning method used to locate the acupoints, thumb width is 1 inch, two fingers is 1.5 inch

    Once we get know about this point, we can practice and find some acupuncture points on our body now:

    • Guanyuan Acupoint: 

    TCM-3in DIRECTLY below the belly button

    girl standing up with her palm put on the belly, method of locating guan yuan acupoint, tcm theory
    • Shuidao Acupoint:

    TCM-2in side to Guanyuan acupoint,  one for each side symmetrical.

    girl standing up with palm and fingers put on belly, method of locating shui dao acupoint, tcm theory


    5. Start Body Gua Sha Now

    This course is a Guasha method for daily health care aim to assist the dredge of Qi and Blood as well as relieve the stress of muscles: with clothes on, it can be done several times a day; when scraping the skin directly with Guasha oil, it can be done ONCE every 1 to 2 days. There is no strict limit on how long for each Guasha therapy, as long as you feel comfortable. Meanwhile, please avoid excessive scraping that hurts the skin and affects immunity/health. 

    Three proven helpful gua sha tools for everyone: 

    • Balance Gua Sha Stone: A patent gua sha tool designed for body usage, bigger size, multiple-edges, user-friendly. There are Jade and Obsidian as an option.
    • Balance Essential Oil:Necessary for body gua sha or body massage, organic integrates, best partners for women's health care.
    • Balance Soothing: A plant-derived essential oil with Chinese herbal ingredients could help relieve the joint pain and soreness of muscles effectively.   


      ① Arms & Legs Guasha  

        Limbs Guasha can help to dredge the meridians, increase muscle stretching, promote skin metabolism, and accelerate the discharge of skin metabolites; prevent muscle relaxation and avoid fat accumulation, achieving the effect of slimming arms and legs; prevent and treat pain in the limbs and joints; and stimulate the functions of the viscera as a healthcare role.

        ✿ Arms (After the left done, scrape the right arm)

        Inner side: Extend arm forward. Palm up. Take the Balance S-Edge to scrape from the bottom of the neck, along the shoulder to the inner side of the arm to the palm.

        Outer side: Extend the arm forward. Palm to the right. Take the Balance S-Edge to scrape along the outside of the arm to the back of the hand.

        gua sha arms motion movements, girl standing with two arms up, spot line on girl arms

        ✿ Legs (After the left done, scrape the right leg) 

        Left Thigh: stand and scrape from knee to articulatio coxae (hip joint) along the front, back, inner and outer side of the thigh.

        Left Calf: sit and scrape along the inner and outer side of the calf, from the knee, ankle to the tip of the toe. 


        gua sha legs scraping motions, girl wearing in yoga pants standing, line drawing design

        Wam Tips:

        1. Scraping technique: Plane Scraping Method or Meridians Dredged Method;
        2. Increased pressure where the muscles are rich;
        3. Scrape each area 5-8 times until the skin is slightly hot;
        4. The symptom of obvious pain, severe soreness, swelling pain, or tingling indicate that blockage of Qi and Blood, or you could simply think of hypoxia of muscle tissue. We would like to recommend a full course of treatment to improve the muscle and joint discomfort. 5 times in general, every 5-7 days. The Balance Soothing is proved useful to relief pain of muscles and joint. 


          ②  Belly Guasha

          Belly Guasha helps the smooth flow of qi (气) and blood in meridians, strengthening the spleen, removing dampness, soothing the liver and promoting qi (气). Meanwhile, it can help belly fat consumption and lose weight. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of obesity are liver and spleen disorders, phlegm, dampness and qi (气) deficiency. Spleen and qi (气) deficiency leads poor digestive function, much phlegm and finally obesity. 

          ✿ Scrape the skin projection area of spleen and liver

          Scrape the left rib area with flat scraping method, from the inner to outer side to the left armpit.
          Scrape the right rib area with flat scraping method, from the inner to outer side to the right armpit.


          girl standing up wearing yoga bra show the gua sha motions in lib area, 4 spot lines display on the frank, pencil line drawing

          ✿Downward scrape the skin projection area of the large and small intestines:

          first, scrape the middle of the belly with the facial Guasha method, from top to bottom; then scrape along the two lines to the left, and finally along the two lines to the right.

          girl standing up show the gua sha motions of belly scraping movement, 5 spot lines display on the belly, pencil line drawing on white


          ✿Scrape along the direction of the movement of the large intestine 

          Clockwise scrape skin projection area of the large and small intestines: scrape as the figure instructs, along the general direction of the large intestine movement with the facial Guasha method, which can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine and facilitate defecation.


          girl standing up to show the gua sha motion around the belly, spot line display surround the belly button, pencil line drawing

          Wam Tips:

          1. Scraping technique: Plane Scraping Method or Meridians Dredged Method;
          2. Increased pressure where the muscles are rich;
          3. Scrape each area 5-8 times until the skin is slightly hot;
          4. If you are worried about belly fat and would like to lose weight, you can apply Balance Soothing Spray on the belly scraping area with the Balance Guasha board and perform as instructed. It can speed up the burning of excess fat, warm the internal organs, and has synergistic effects on weight loss.

          6. Five Important Acupoints for Daily Health Care 

          Acupuncture points are regarded as the controlling hubs and switches of meridians in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
          By artificially stimulating acupoints, it can mobilize and regulate the activity of the related meridians, optimize the allocation of qi (气) and blood in the body, and promote the active work of the viscera, thereby improving the body's self-repair ability and the body's immunity. Daily massage on the following five acupoints effectively regulates and manages the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. 

          These 5 acupoints can be stimulated and massaged anytime and anywhere every day, either by tapping with the palm of the hand, punching with the fist, or rubbing with the thumb.


          1. Quchi Acupoint: Lung care

          Location: in medial depression of the elbow joints; at the end of the elbow stripes when bending the elbows.

          quchi acupoints on arms, pencil line drawing teach how to locate quchi on arms, tcm theory

          2. Sanyinjiao Acupoint: Spleen Care 

          Location: on the inner side of the calf; 3 inches above from the highest point of the ankle joint  


          pencial line drawing shows the sanyijiao acupoints, white beige

          3. Zusanli Acupoint: stomach care

          Location: on the outside of the calf; 3 inches under the knee-eye, on the outer edge of the tibia; one for each calf

          girl standing up with palm under her knee to show the zusanli acupuncture points, pencil line drawing on white


          4. Neiguan Acupoint: heart care

          Location: on the inner side of the forearm; 2 inches above the horizontal crease of the wrist.

          girl's left arm put on the right arm to show the nei guan acupoint, pencil line drawing design on white


          5. Taixi acupoint to Shuiquan acupoint: kidney care

          Location: on the inner side of the foot; in medial depression between the ankle joint and the achilles tendon.


          pencil line drawing instruction of how to locate the acupoints for kidney care

          Yoga, meditation, fitness, more outdoor activities, and extra nutrients may squeeze into your brain when you eagerly want to find some practical ways to fight against aging. Obesity, painful waist and leg, decreased immunity, insomnia, memory loss, listlessness, dulled complexion, wrinkles, etc. Conclusion: there are such things that remind us to pay more attention to our health and the skin.
          We advocate and encourage every woman to be involved in improving health, take sufficient time to manage her physical health, and clear the emotional blockages to be a beauty with a beautiful natural mind!



          sanuscode body gua sha tool white jade and obsidian stone


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