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Does gua sha always cause bruises?

The gua sha we generally mention is a treatment for body care, that is to scrape the back, shoulders, legs, arms with a gua sha tool to achieve diseases healing. Gua sha has an especially effect on treating muscle soreness, joint pain, and even treating viscera diseases.

The bruises are called ''Sha'' in Traditional Chinese Medicine, actually, not all the gua sha treatment will end in bruising skin. It differs by the reasons causing the dis-comfortable and diseases. For example, the physical discomfort caused by ‘’Xu'' symptoms caused by the stagnation of ''Qi'', there is no bruise appearance on the skin surface while we do gua sha treatment, instead of, we may only find that the skin pores open.

Will gua sha hurt our skin?

We call the red bruises that appear on the skin surface after scraping as ''Sha''. It's because the toxin in the blood is expelled out of the capillaries. We know that there are many diseases or discomfort is casued by un-clean blood, it will get worser if the immune system get weak and disorder. Gua sha treatment is actually performing a major cleaning of the body to remove toxins from the blood.

Does it hurt our skin? No, it will absolutely not. Of course we should avoid over-scraping when gua sha treatment to cause the breakage of skin. The 'Sha' will normally fade within 3-7 days, during which we will not feel discomfort such burning, itching caused by skin injuries. And after it fade, the skin get smooth and glow as before.

Do Gua Sha facials have any benefits?

Treat yourself the facial gua sha SPA at home, stick to this ancient Chinese skin-care technology for 1 month, you will find that the wrinkles decrease little-by-little, the spots fade slowly, the result is deeply hydrated and smooth skin with a radiant glow.

The main benefits of facial gua sha:
Erases fine lines and wrinkles
Plumps and firms skin
Clears skin and minimizes pores
Lightens spots and Brightens
Improves overall health 

What's the difference with bruises and 'Sha'?

The bruises is an injury appearing as an area of discolored skin on the body, caused by a blow or impact rupturing underlying blood vessels. So the bruise is a functional or structural abnormality caused by a soft tissue injury, it's bad.

The 'Sha' is a Chinese medical term which is used to describe the condition of the skin after gua sha.
Unlike bruises, the 'Sha' is caused by the toxins blocked in the blood vessels permeates the body surface through the capillaries, which could accelerates the body's detoxification and enhances the body's self-regulation ability, it's good for our health. While the 'Sha' disappears little by little, we may feel better, like the mind is clearer, the muscle soreness is gone, the joint paid is relieved, the mind is more refresh, the sleep get deeper and better, the mood is more comfortable and so on.

Solution Awareness

How do I use gua sha on my face?

At sanuscode, we will introduce two different tutorials to the gua sha enthusiasts based on vary skin problems.
The basic tutorial is for any one except for those with pimples on the face, it's ideal for daily skin care and it could improve overall health of facial skin.
The middle-level tutorial is tailored to some specific skin concerns, such as geting pimples, wrinkles increasing, puffiness, dark eye circles, etc. We have a short vedio-guide to teach you how to do the facial gua sha by yourself.

How often do I facial massage?

Actually it's up to you, it's true that if you could consistent to do facial gua sha regularly you will be younger than your peers, what's more, you may have a quiker mind and a smoothier mood.

Following and learning the Basic Toturial, we could practice it once a day.
For a specific skin problem and want to improve it, we should perform the specific facial gua sha treatment guided in the Middle-Level Totutial. It's recommend to gua sha once or twice per week.

How to clean the gua sha tool?

We can make a summary:

  1. Wash the gua sha stone / gua sha tool in the flowing water and take some detergent in advance.
  2. Sterilize the gua sha tool. It can be wiped with medical alcohol, or soaked in clothing disinfectant for a few minutes.
  3. Dry the gua sha stone, and recommend to storage it with a pouch.


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