How to gua sha on shoulder?

Who want a shoulder gua sha mostly?

1. Men with stiff neck

a man stand back with his hands put on his red neck, still neck, white background

2. People with frozen shoulders

girl with frozen shoulder

How to gua sha on shoulder for relieving soreness?

Scrape as the followed movements from 1 - 5; 10-15 times for each motions. We could also scrape several times more for more painful area, and till the reddish spots no longer appear.
gua sha motions for shoulder and neck
Here is a user-friendly gua sha tool designed for everyone:
product design concept drawing by pencil
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Warm tips for shoulder gua sha

  1. Apply some skin oil in advance, then pat and massage by hands to give a comfortable warmup. Recommend you this massage oil: function of promoting blood circulation and remove blood stasis.
  2. 15 - 25 minutes is ideal for one gua sha treatment for one part, like, the shoulder area, the low back area, the legs, etc.
  3. Drink a cup of warm water after gua sha.
  4. Keep warm after gua sha.
  5. No bath within 4 hours.