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  • 4 oz bulgarian damask rose hydrosol water in brown red bottle
  • girl hand with nail polished in colors holding a 4 oz bottle of rose water, beige background
  • two bottle of rose hydrosol in front of sandalwood and dry flower with beige background
  • red bottle of 4 oz rose hydrosol back by sandalwood stand on moss
  • craft paper pack box for 125ml 4 oz rose hydrosol
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Magic Rose Hydrosol

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Extracted from Bulgarian Damask rose,1:1 pure water preparation without any preservatives. It is highly moisturizing, anti-allergic, and organic. Sanuscode recommends applying some Hydrosol before applying essential oil during gua sha treatment, so your skin will be very moisturized. 

Usage of MAGIC Rose Hydrosol:

  1. Facial gua sha
  2. Body gua sha
  3. Added to the aromatherapy machine
  4. Self-made DIY facial masks

Volume: 4oz / 125ml