Our Vision

All women deserve and own beauty of health


Ancient Method

Simplify the Gua Sha Technology and make it more accessible. Promote a complete solution of Gua Sha and the more extraordinary uses in daily skincare and health care. Our mission is to help more female friends use this natural, low-cost health and beauty regimen with confidence at home.

lynne in a white bathrobe is having a facial gua sha with the agate scraping stone at home
lynne in a white bathrobe is scraping her cheek with the agate gua sha  stone at home


Values drive us to lead a more beautiful life

Appreciate the life

Being grateful for who we are and what we have, trying to give and always being mindful, loving ourselves and focusing on the positive is how we lead a life that we can feel good about.

Embrace the change

We are responsible for getting better and firmly believe it. Live in harmony with the very nature of life and be brave to make changes. Since we sincerely accept our inadequacies and tirelessly path the road to be better us.

Simplify the life

Remove distraction and simplify life to focus on the essentials. Release ourselves from the time commitments that are not in line with our most significant values, focus on the important but not the urgent, and live a life in balance, freedom and joy.


Values drive us to develop better products

Ease of use

Ease of use, to some extent, ensure the continued use of customers, which is regarded as the most incredible recognition for our hard work. It will be our lifelong pursuit.


Keeping innovative gives us more enthusiasm and happiness and brings us endless child-like fun. Move forward stably but never stop discovering better products and constantly improve service as far as possible to perfection.


Quality is all and is more than making a good product. We promise a higher quality assurance and to build a hassle-free shopping environment.


Values drive us to provide better service

Customer Satisfaction

We regard the Customer Satisfaction as the primary criterion, to achive happy purchasements and customer success, we are trying our best to make continuous efforts in product optimization, product quality, and gua sha trainning.


At SANUSCODE, everyone is working together to create an easy-going, open and friendly rapport based on mutual respect, care and concern. Since we are partners and friends instead of bosses and employees. We also regard customers as the closest friends; you give us the most tremendous trust and support. For return, we will share the best things with you from afar.


Our goal: to provide products and service within the expectation of our customers and win the reputation. We always try to truthfully state our products and services. Reliability brings double-win and continuous the relationship between us.




Founder of SANUSCODE. Chinese medicine lover, senior TCM physiotherapist, gua sha skin care practitioner. Mother to Owen.

Co-founder of SANUSCODE, Senior product manager with NPDP, PMP, ACP certificates. 

Lynne is wearing a green cheongsam and standing upright for sanuscode advertising use
fred wear a black long-sleeve shirt standing upright take a photo for sanuscode brand advertising
lynne and fred in wedding dresses in a church

Fred and I have been married for three years. We are tightly bound together because of our love and shared values: loving life, being positive, and loving children.

Sometimes, Fred still looks like a child, even though he is a father now. He would suddenly walk up to my desk with a co-extruded film in his hand, making a voice of ''boom-boom, '' and say aggrievedly to me ''Honey, I'm feeling a lot of stress. ' Once he found out that I might pinch at his ass, he couldn't stop laughing and ran away as quickly as he could. This is his ' please play with me' game.

Bedtime story is our daily ritual instead of the morning kiss. He always enjoys telling me stories, such as his childhood, day job, gossip, movie stories, novels, etc. Now we are more talking about the dreams, the future, and our children, for he seems to have no more stories. We always fell asleep quietly in the conversation with each other. We seem to have entered the state of the elderly couple: unable to sleep without the other person around.

We are both so grateful for meeting with each other, and having a family together.

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