9 Benefits of Facial Gua Sha Massage And Tips for Helping You to Incorporate It Into Your Skincare Routine Permanently

9 Benefits of Facial Gua Sha Massage And Tips for Helping You to Incorporate It Into Your Skincare Routine Permanently

Why should I gua sha? Any side effect of gua sha face? Truly benefits of it? Before you experience this Asian Originated skin-care method by yourself, you may have a ton of questions. Actually there are more and more Gua Sha practitioners and skincare experts praise highly on it.

Actually, regular facial Gua Sha could help you with the following:

1. Rejuvenate & Anti-aging

Regular facial gua sha can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, enhance the self-cleaning function of pores, clean your skin, promote skin metabolism, thereby making skin clean, fine pores, moisturize skin and delay skin aging. 

2. Whitening & Lightening Spots

Facial gua sha can promote the blood circulation of facial skin, open Xuanfu, remove the metabolites in blood, improve the dullness of skin color, fade chloasma and freckles, thus rejuvenate the original clear and clean nature of skin, and reproduce the beautiful skin of white and red.

3. Reduce Wrinkles

    Stimulating the key acupuncture point on the face can not only effectively improve the dark rim of the eyes and red blood silk, also prevent and reduce the pouch under the eyes, relieve and prevent wrinkles, dilute the acne marks.

    4. Lift & Tighten Skin

    The correct facial gua sha skill is to promote the circulation of facial blood and lymph, then eliminate excess water, therefore has an obvious face-lifting effect on swollen face. The skill can also enhance the elasticity of facial muscles and the flexibility of fascia, so as to achieve the results of tightening and lifting facial skin, preventing and improving drooping of canthus and corners of the mouth. 

    5. Remove Acne & Improve Overall Health

      The combination of facial gua sha and body gua sha can consolidate the miraculous effect of facial guasha. Body gua sha can also be used to treat facial acne fundamentally.

      To learn more about the benefits of facial Gua Sha and how to use them to improve your skincare routine, take a look at the infographic below:

      nine 9 benefits of facial gua sha massage infographic warm tips to use this traditional Chinese medical skincare for long time to improve overall health and skin, pink background


      A complete list of Facial Gua Sha Tool You May Need:

      Magic Gua Sha Tool: It is expertly crafted by our designated gua sha artisan's, each edge of Magic is intentionally architected to enhance the practice of facial gua sha. To make the gua sha stone more artistic, we choose different materials in various textures, such as agate, white jade, obsidian.
      MAGIC Rose HydrosolIt is extracted from Bulgarian Damask rose,1:1 pure water preparation without any preservatives. It is highly moisturizing, anti-allergic, and organic. Sanuscode recommends applying some Hydrosol before essential oil, so your skin will be very moisturized. MAGIC Rose Hydrosol can be used instead of toners, added to the aromatherapy machine, or for bathing and self-made facial masks too.

      MAGIC Morning Oil: It contains sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and lavender essential oil, all of which help the skin resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, computer, and mobile phone radiation. 

      MAGIC Night OilIt can clean, repair, and nourish the skin to whiten, moisturize and firm the skin, and reduce spots and wrinkles. It is also a mood-relieving essential oil, as both lavender and jasmine essential oil can stabilize mood, relax the brain, and help sleep. 


      Facial gua sha can achieve the effect of white, seamless, delicate and firm skin without acupuncture and medicine, and even without surgery. SANUSCODE takes the traditional Chinese medicine holographic meridian health theory as the technical guidance, combining with gua sha experience of numerous customers, develops an easy, comfortable, and effective Gua Sha Facial Treatment. You will find that gradually the wrinkles diminish, the spots fade, the skin comes rosy and firmer. Just try it you will lose nothing! We have prepared a Step-by-Step Facial Gua Sha Guide for you.

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