How do acnes come? Sanus Suggestions


8 mostly common acnes pimples

2 main causes of acnes:


  • External Infection. For skin diseases caused by allergies, you should first go to the hospital for blood tests to find the source of infection, and if necessary, you need to take medicine. The common but not mostly seen case is that acnes happens after IUD.
  • Problems from the inner body, like endocrine disorders. The two most common cases are Excessive secretion of male hormones and Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, that excess oil cannot be discharged.

So how do you deal with the acne / pimples? Effective suggestions include:


1. Adjust the sleep schedule, go to bed early and get up early, and get enough sleep.
2. Relieve tension and stress.
3. Thoroughly clean up the skin.
4. Eat a light diet, there are many foods good for lightening the burden on the body and help flush out toxins, such as bitter gourd, celery, mung bean, honey, lemon, apple, etc.
5. Go outside to exercise more, let the sweat flush away some of the toxins in your body.

We can see that most of the above opinions can help us improve our own immunity, yes! The key to eliminating acne is to rely on our body's own repair ability and immunity. At the same time, we highly recommend trying Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Gua Sha to resolve the acne skin.



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