Top 2 reasons from beauty expert: Why should you gua sha on face?

To get know the distribution, shape and function of facial muscles can help us remember the operation process of facial gua sha more quickly. And facial muscle structure analysis can help us better understand the causes of skin problems. These are the physiological basis of facial gua sha which is the most popular skin care technology.


1. Structure of facial muscles

When doing facial treatment with gua sha, the direction of the scraping board will affect significantly. The correct direction should be along the texture of the facial muscles, pressing and kneading at the starting and ending points.
girl facial muscles structure side face with flower ring on head, gua sha movement along the direction of muscle texture
Facial muscles belong to skin muscles, thin and slender, starting from the bones or fascia and ending at the skin, and directly affect the skin when contract. Wrinkles appear as facial muscles get relaxed. Most of the facial acupuncture points in Chinese medicine are at the start and end points of the facial muscles, which are likely to be the switch buttons of the muscles. Stimulating the acupuncture points makes the muscles tense and contract, which is why gua sha can help to remove wrinkles and lift skin.


2. Structure of facial skin

    What skin problems are you facing? Acne, wrinkles, spots, or dullness? According to the latest statistics on online sales, facial swelling and dark eye-rim have also become new skin problems. Are they also bothering you? These sub-health skin problems can be regarded as problems damaging beauty, yet facial gua sha is one of the most natural and effective solutions. How did the problems come? Actually, hidden factors inside the skin hinder the cleansing and whitening of the skin. The disorder of melanocytes metabolism in the skin will cause pigment; accumulation of the stratum corneum makes roughness; abnormal fibers in the dermis cause sagging and wrinkles; weakened organs cause blood stasis and prominent veins, and finally make dullness and red blood streak. Facial gua sha can effectively stimulate cell regeneration of the skin and enhance its ability to repair and regenerate. Meanwhile, it also plays a vital role in lymphatic detoxification and promotion of blood circulation, helping us keep beautiful from inner to surface.
    structure of skin explain why facial gua sha work for improve the complexion
    Daily cosmetic products stay on the skin surface, however, gua sha can act on the dermis of our facial skin and penetrate into the microcirculation of the capillaries with the downward pressure of the gua sha board, solving the lack of nutrients and toxin accumulation. In the theory of Chinese medicine, the meridians, acupoints, and holographic acupoints stimulated during the scraping process can regulate the corresponding viscera; by regulating the viscera we can improve the immune system, circulatory system, endocrine system, and even digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system, and strengthen the daily functions of the body. This tells why gua sha seems to act on the epidermis and muscles, however, it can really help to cure various diseases and maintain health. 

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