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  • large sea lion shape white jade body gua sha stone
  • sanuscode white jade stone gua sha tool holding in hand
  • two pieces white jade body gua sha tools side to sandalwood in water
  • white jade gua sha stone and skin oil kit on moss
  • rainwater-coated jade and obsidian gua sha stone lay on yellow flower bush
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Balance White Jade

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Made of authentic white jade, the Balance is a patent gua sha tool for body usage. 

The Balance Guasha stone is beautiful in shape as a real beauty, and also with comprehensive functions. With appropriate thickness, it is comfortable to hold in hand and not easy to fall out of hand when using it. Each side is designed to scrape specific areas of the body. 



  • Please keep the Balance stone clean and dry after use, it's best to store it by the Balance Pouch.
  • Please place the Balance on the Sanus Holder during the gua sha SPA if you want to free up your hands to apply some essential oils. Not recommended to place it directly on the table in case sticking to dust or infecting bacteria.