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  • SANUSCODE Facial Gua Sha Tool - SANUSCODE
  • SANUSCODE Facial Gua Sha Tool - SANUSCODE
  • SANUSCODE Facial Gua Sha Tool - SANUSCODE
  • SANUSCODE Facial Gua Sha Tool - SANUSCODE
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SANUSCODE Facial Gua Sha Tool

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As it is named, we believe MAGIC could reward you with a magical change in face skin after a long time consisting of doing facial gua sha treatment.

Why we are so confident in this gua sha stone?
Unlike the normal V-shape gua sha stone, MAGIC is designed with rich edges of diversity, each edge is intentionally architected to fit users' faces.

Upgraded and Optimized Structure
Actually, In terms of the gua sha effect, the structure of the gua sha stone is far more important than the material. Because if you could enjoy a smooth and comfortable gua sha treatment is determined by the curvature of the edge and the hand feeling of the gua sha tool.
While if you want to have a complete facial gua sha SPA in your own home, then you need a gua sha tool with enough rich edges. For example, scraping the brow bone is very useful for our eyes, but many scraping boards cannot fit the entire brow bone.
***MAGIC is a patented facial gua sha tool that is designed functionally and friendly.***

Quality Raw Stone, Expertly Crafted
Compared with the rose quartz, the hardness of agate is higher up to 6.5-7, which enables us to craft it with a more smooth surface, and it's not so easy to break. In order to get a better hold-feeling, the MAGIC is designed to be a little thicker than the ordinary gua sha tool, with a thickness of 0.27'', so it is not easy to slip off when holding it. And we made a specific chamfer on the edge so that MAGIC will not be too thick to fit the face skin.

So you know why, right! MAGIC=Great structure design+premium quality material