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  • 5 side edges real agate facial gua sha stone
  • water-coated agate gua sha stone holding in a hand
  • three agate gua sha stone with different textures and pink rose float on water
  • agate gua sha stone and facial oil kit side to the sandalwood in the water
  • water-coated agate gua sha stone and skin oil kit stand on moss
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Magic Agate

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A Patented Facial Gua Sha Tool

Designed Functionally & Friendly

As it is named, we believe Magic could reward you with a magical change in face skin after a long time consisting of doing facial gua sha treatment.

***Due to natural variations in stone, the Magic Agate Gua Sha tool is unique in pattern and color, we don't artificially dye or treat the stones so as to let their true beauty shine through. You may find some ice cracks on the Gua Sha tool, this is the natural property of the rough stone.***

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Johnson
Can't be better!!!^_^

Wow, the Magic board is really beautiful like a art work. It's the best gua sha tool I've ever used. Agate material is very delicate. It looks like real agate stone rather than plastic composite. I feel a little clear cool when put it on my face. I have no idea, but it's true that my mind seems calm down when I touch the surface of the Magic, I do like the feel to touch it. Now, I take it with me anywhere.

Teresa Graham
Awesome gift!

It's a gift for my mom for her 50th birthday, she loves it so much. Thanks sanuscode, I gonna buy another one for myself.

  • 1. Upgraded & Optimized Structure

    Actually, In terms of the gua sha effect, the structure of the gua sha stone is far more important than the material. Because if you could enjoy a smooth and comfortable gua sha treatment is determined by the curvature of the edge and the hand feeling of the gua sha tool.
    For example, scraping the brow bone is very useful for our eyes, but many scraping boards cannot fit the entire brow bone.

  • 2. Authentic Agate, Expertly Crafted

    Compared with the rose quartz, the hardness of agate is higher up to 6.5-7, which enable us to craft it with a more smooth surface, and it's not so easy to break. In order to get a better hold-feeling, the Magic is designed to be a little thicker than the ordinary gua sha tool, with a thickness of 0.27'', so it is not easy to slip off when holding it. And we made a specific chamfer on the edge so that Magic will not be too thick to fit the face skin.

  • 3. One of the best stone for women

    Made from the import chalcedony mineral, which is an amalgamate of a few minerals known for their healing properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, agate stone can be used as a medicinal material. It has a positive effect on the maintenance of the liver and has a certain effect on dry eyes and blurred vision. Wearing the agate jewelry or playing with agate could make people feel more calm, in addition, femininity more prominent.

Reveals The Truth

Why is gua sha so popular currently? It's not a sorcery, but born for making you a different story.


See what changes made for our customers.

You deserve it

Spending money in right, even less, you gonna have the earth shaking changes.

Challenge 28 Days

Nourish for the everywhere; Scrape step-by-step

Slightly & gently,
Moving tool forward with a small angle,
Keep sync with breath,

5-8 times for each scraping motion,

From top to bottom; from inside to outside

Check the detailed tutorial
facial gua sha tool set, organic essential oil, agate gua sha stone, girl holding gua sha tool to scrape on cheek, beige background

Shop the set

Delicate authentic agate stone, and organic face oil with healthy formula.

Gift a step-by-step guide sheet